An unsuccessful blog…?

The blog I will be reviewing may be found here:

The site is a self-styled blog containing “Occasional literary links, amusements, culture, politics, and rants,” as well as links to the site author’s published works, and twitter feed. At the outset, the site is playful and contains some nice features: the twitter feed and the external links to published works. However, some of the “playfulness” is ill thought and a bit distracting. I did not like the blog designer’s choice as to page header. The page uses a header that includes cut outs of letters forming the page’s title/header. This is a fitting example of a header for a writer–but can come of as a bit psychopathic, as in those psychopaths whom comprise letters of ransom made of letters cut out of magazines or newspapers.

What does work for the site, is that the content is easily navigable, the color scheme is mostly unified–although a bit errant in the “psycho-header”–and the font choice is pleasing to the eye. On the right of the page is the author Maud Newton’s (I’m assuming) twitter feed. She is active on Twitter and has some nice insights. The remainder of the page is comprised of links to, as well as a feed, of her published works. The overall color scheme is black, red, and white. Three colors I find pleasing, but compounds the feeling I’ve stated previous in re: the “psycho-header.” Also, the font choice is a sans-serif font, and is easily read.

Overall, I would say the blog is okay, but could use a bit of thought, or better site management in terms of layout and design.





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